It’s just as exciting as a retrofit. Before you start shopping, take some time to plan exactly what you want. You may not be able to purchase all items at once, but it is important to plan all rooms in advance. Check the items in the shopping list. Choose what you like and decide how it fits into your current creation. Evaluate the aesthetics of the entire room for each item you add to the list.

Sometimes you will find that you like things that don’t have to be together, it can help you understand this before buying. I use a private Pinterest panel to design the design and mood. I listed every piece I like, why I like it and where it will be used. So I will create a collage of all the projects. Polyvore is an excellent tool for creating round products for your product. I want to be able to see the space that was previously aggregated. It helps me assess whether I like projects individually or actually like them.

In the beginning, focus on the bigger things (literally). Start with your furniture. Then turn to carpets, lamps, accent pillows and artwork. This is done through small details such as layered books and trays. It’s easy to let the shiny little objects distract you from the larger field of view. So start from the big and then gradually narrow your attention.