How to arrange wall frames.

Here Studio Inshore is with wall frames idea you can place in your home 2020 with new CNC cut frames and with your best photography skills. have a look at new fresh ideas for the wall frames in 2020.

Before you start placing the wall frames look for the following points:

1.                   Location

2.                   Number of Frame & Size of frame

3.                   Portrait / photograph / Painting

4.                   Placement / Arrangement

·  Location :

To choose the best place you have to figure out the best wall it can be anywhere like your Living room, Dining Room, Bedroom, Staircase, Passage or your Office Cabin.

Ø For the living room the best place is above the Sofa / Divan / Indian Seating.

Ø For the dining room it can be above crockery unit / sideboard / console / dining table / highlighted wall.

Ø For the bedroom can be the wall above your bed placed / small wall unit/study table.

Ø Staircase it can be the wall aligned with the stairs or if spiral stairs the wall at the end of the stairs can be highlighted with the frames.

  • Passage walls can be more interesting with the wall paintings and artefacts.
  • For Office Cabin you can place behind the chair or sidewalls of your table.

So for the placement sequence and another look wait for the next blog coming up soon.